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Hello John, great Work. Would it be possible to optionally mark tracks that are legal to ride or hide those which are closed to public traffic?

Well, in the topo map theme all areas you cant ride are usually inside reserves areas which should have a reddish back color plus the areas are in-circled with a red border.
Other paths that you cant ride because they are for bicycles / foot only are usually in blue.
Im not sure I can customise this more with the OSM map source.

Hello John I am on 2.999 When I Longpress on a track on the map in dmd2 dmd2 Crashes .I tested this multiple times

When you say a track are you talking about a GPX track? Because there is no long press function on the GPX Tracks.
Does this only happen when you long press on the GPX Track or any other place in the map? Because there is a map long press action indeed, and this should trigger anywhere on the map.

Hello, will there be an option to add a waypoint in the navigation? Regards

There will be yes, you will be able to add as many points as you want + other functions like “loop back”, plus have different calculated sections with different profiles and many other functions. Route calculation is just getting started.


Beta 2.99901:
– Track point tap new dialog
– Track point tap now also allows to calculate distance along the track to another point
– Fixed a bug with navigation where it would show “Arrived to your destination” after recalculation / starting new route
– Improved route recalculation, and now on error it shows option to show calculation dialog (so you can change profile)
– Fixed a bug where the top bar clock was not working

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