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Hello John Im testing every day the trip Home - Work and Work - home and today the recalculation was ok, I didnt get any crash. I know that you are more off road oriented, but also on the everyday ride on paved road, so using it on the easy Sunday ride will be great to have a screen with both map and direction information and other OBS/trip information. In the Home screen the map view on the left is perfect, but you miss the turn-by-turn notification, so will be great to have. – A widget on the right side to list all the next direction instruction with the next waypoint or activated POI, I guess we can have a list of 4/5 elements with Name Km left and time – When you are close to a direction change, according to speed 100m before or more if you are going fast on that new widget and maybe also on the trip widget should become a big signal with the indication and the distance left, like when you are in MAP view and you have the small icon tell YOU TURN RIGHT NOW Example Christian

Holly crap man, you actually wasted time doing that to explain it to me???!!! I mean thank you a lot, thats a lot of dedication… but in all honesty, you actually think such feature would not be available? Thats planned almost since the first mock we did 😛
The information you have on the left side box in the map view will OBVIOUSLY be also available as a widget 😛

Now, here is what im thinking, currently we have two left side boxes:
– Track Progress – when you are on a GPX track
– Nav Progress – when you are navigating a planned route

My idea is to make a widget like “Nav & GPX Info” which, when you are on the GPX Track will show you the gpx progress information (with distances to next waypoints or POIs) and when you are on a planned route it will show you the Nav Progress info. So its one widget that covers two scenarios.

This is all easy and fun, the real problem will come later, when you have stuff like “instructions for gpx tracks” so now on the left side of the screen I need to find room for the current information PLUS instructions. Same for when I add support for GPX ROUTES which although are GPX Files and should be managed in the GPX Manager they get converted to calculated routes so they have instructions too… not only I need to find solutions for the info but also adapt the gpx manager layout and code to deal with GPX Routes…. its a nightmare!

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