Search is not working properly with Greek POIs names. Example: there is a store called “Αραχωβα”, if I search for the “αραχωβα” or “αράχωβα”, I’m getting POIs not found which this shouldn’t be happening as it’s the same word Searching for “Αράχωβα” returns some results but not the “αραχωβα”, so bottom line “Αραχωβα”, “Αράχωβα”, “αραχωβα” and “αράχωβα” is the same word and I should get results no matter how I type it.

Today we are releasing 2.94 to Play Store, once you get that update please re-test this and report back!!! Thank you!

DMD2 v 2.94, still not working as expected. Also the problem exist if I search the word, case sensitive, but add a space at the end, phone auto completion.