The screenshot is from a rugged phone Doogee V20 (Android 11, rooted). But had same issue previously with Huawei P30 Pro (Android 10, non rooted) and Blackview A80 Pro (Android 10, non rooted). These were all phones I used as dedicated motorcycle GPS phones.

Currently, I use the Doogee V20 dedicated on the motorcycle and, apart from this issue, the combination with DMD2 is brilliant. (Only really miss the auto shutdown popup toggle feature you had on the DMD V1 for rooted phones. Can you please add it back to the DMD2 next version?)

Also, I’m almost sure I had this happening a couple of times with my day-to-day phone, a Samsung S22 Ultra (Android 13 non rooted), but can´t be absolutely certain about it.

It’s not always. some times it shows up the icons correctly other times it doesn’t. Most common if I set DMD2 as the default launcher and after a phone restart.