I just returned from a Rally, tested various applications on my Samsung Active Tab3.Some on the way to the rally and some on the way back or while riding into and out of town for supplies, in all cases open sunny sky and clear sattelite visibility, (no canyon effect) and following notes DMD2: In map mode the map “jumps” and does not scroll smoothly, as if the gps location fix is only every 10-20 seconds. In map mode the location of the vehicle on the map often drifts off, the road will curve left but the vehicle does not, correcting itself up to 1 minute later. after 30 minutes or so, crash notes from Android that “ONE Home UI has crashed” Here We Go : None of the above behaviours. TomTom Go : None of the above behaviours. BMW Connected App: None of the above behaviours. ExplorOz Traveller: None of the above behaviours. OSMaND: None of the above behaviours. Have decided that for now ExplorOz Traveller is best app for getting around with. Any news on when we will be getting new map layers and imagery etc?

Im sorry to tell you but that is actually an issue with the Active Tab… the GPS precision regarding altitude/speed/bearing is bad, or possibly badly reported.
For now you can go to the Global Settings (the cog wheel in the bottom menu), scroll down and enable “Lower GPS Accuracy Filter” that should fix it for you.
The mentioned fix was introduced in version 2.89 update.

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