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      Nice tablet for a damn good price.

      The Carpe Iter is only 7″ and the Oukitel is 8″. I thought 8″ is really a bit too big? Whats your opinion? I ride a KTM 625 a small bike with no windshield.

      What I really want to know is the visibility. My Samsung S10+ has 1200nits thats 200 more than the Carpe Iter and even with this brightness I can´t see anything in summer how could a tablet perform with only 400 nits?


      I would try magnetic connecters as I do for my phone. Not waterproof but best alternative too normal cables.  If it is not wireless chargeable you need a cable 🙁

      For around 180€ I could give it a try or by a spare cradle for my Navigator 6 from my GS hmm.

      Hope to read more review of performance.

      Oh last question. What Android version has the tablet? Carpe iter has Android 9 I read, a bit outdatet.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)


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