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    on current beta, when loading maps, the button shows “Runterladen” and on the right column for the map overview, it say “Runtergeladen:”.
    That’s somehow a bit like german slang 😉
    Especially when loading a map, the button says “Download abbrechen”.

    Better would be for the button “Download” (in order to be consistent with button while loading), “Laden”, “Karte laden” or just “Installieren” and in the right column “Geladen”, “Karte geladen” or “Installiert”.

    In case you prefer to have also a better naming for “Download abbrechen”, you can also use “Laden abbrechen” or “Installation abbrechen”.

    Just my view on this.


    I sent this to the translator.

    Thank you!

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    As the translator I beg to differ… It’s in the German dictionary so from my point of view definitely not “slang”

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    Well, in the link you refer, the word is marked as “Usage: colloquial”, which I rephrased as “somehow a bit like german slang”.

    To mention this precisely: the current phrase is not wrong, I just listed some (from my point of view) better alternatives.

    Anyhow, I leave it up to you guys.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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