Motorcycle Manufacturers

DMD2 is the default launcher on some motorcycle models, either in its stock form (same version as the one you can get from the Google Play Store) or customised by manufacturer request.

Here you can discover which motorcycle models come pre-equipped with DMD2. We are currently negotiating with other manufacturers to increase the family!


FANTIC Currently uses DMD2 on the XEF 450 Rally model. It includes the full DMD2 experience with some minor customisations for FANTIC.

The hardware (tablet) is provided by CARPE-ITER and the motorcycle also includes a TERRAIN COMMAND handlebar controller.


AJP Currently uses DMD2 on the PR7 model. It includes everything except the Roadbook view which the users can buy afterwards if they want.

The hardware (tablet) is provided by a third party and there is no handlebar controllers (user can buy afterwards).

Device Manufacturers


The CARPE-ITER Tablet includes DMD2 (fully unlocked) pre-installed.

It is sold with a holder and charging system and is made specifically for motorcycles.

You can find it in the THORK RACING online shop.

GARMIN Tread DMD2 Edition

The GARMIN Tread models are available in a special DMD2 edition which includes DMD2 fully unlocked.

Only the Garmin Tread in 8″ and 10″ support DMD2. You can also manual install DMD2 and buy the licenses for these devices if you bought a non DMD2 edition.