Drive Mode - Master Mode

Use the power of two devices! Share internet connection, camera & GPS signal!

The Master Mode App was created for those who use our Drive Mode Dashboard integrated in a vehicle.
If you have a tablet or phone permanently attached to your car or motorcycle you can use the Master Mode app to:

Share the internet connection.

View Trip information in the Master app

Use the Master device camera or photo gallery

Locate the Slave device last location

Share the GPS signal for a Dual GPS signal system that we designed to improve the location accuracy

Usage Scenario

The Master Mode app was designed for usage scenarios where you have a device attached permanently to a vehicle running Drive Mode Dashboard and you want to use another device to share internet.
Since you wont be able to move the atached device you can also take pictures for your Trip Log and Locations with the Master Device who would be running in your mobile phone (unattached).

Slave Device (Integrated in the Vehicle)
- No Internet
- No Camera
- Single GPS Signal

Master Device (Your Pocket Phone)
- Sharing Internet
- Sharing Camera
- Sharing additional GPS Signal

Dual Device GPS System

Original Development

A BIG advantage of using the Drive Mode Master app is that when you are using it you will have both the Salve Device and Master Device GPS data being used at the same time

With new phone models including features like "DUAL GPS" you can actually use the power of 3 or 4 GPS antennas at the same time! Our app will always use them all to figure the most precise data. This will also grant you a better signal coverage and faster location lock.

Photo from Master Device

Don´t be limited by the attached device

When you use a Master device not only you can share the Internet and GPS Signal but you can also use it´s camera or photo gallery to send images to the Slave device.

This way you are no longer limited by devices without a camera or by devices that are attached to your vehicle.

Drive Mode Dashboard will know you are using a Master Device and will allow you to send it a Photo request, in the Master Device you can choose to reply with a photo using your camera or to pick a photo from your gallery.
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