Map View

Your tool to follow and record GPX files

GPX Tracks Made Easy

It´s all you need for GPX files

View and follow a GPX track and record your own at the same time.

Add waypoints to your recording track or browser the waypoints included in the GPX track you are following, with quick options like "Navigate to this Waypoint" to trigger your turn-by-turn navigation app for this Location

Open or save locations with photos to use them later.

Keep Your Files Organized

File Manager for Locations and GPS

The map view allows you to save and load Locations and GPX files.

It includes a simple file manager that allows you to access all the files you need to start your route!

Create new files, share them, edit or open them.

Offline Maps

Download maps for offline usage

Drive Mode Dashboard includes maps for every country!

Download high quality offline maps hosted in our own server and updated regularly.

Our offline maps are based on Open Street data and include our own custom theme that we keep on improving with every app update release!

Locations Viewer

Detailed Information with Weather

When you save a Location you can add a photo so that it will be easier to remember where it was.

When you open your saved Location you get it´s location, the saved photo and the current weather information there.

You can edit the photo and name at any time in the future!