Main View - Launcher

Where it all starts, use it as a Launcher or a regular app

Main View

Where it all starts

The Main View screen allows you to set up to 3 Widgets in the top section, like "Speed", "Trip Information", "Weather Information", "Location".

It includes some indicators, fast access buttons and big shortcut buttons for your favourite apps.

In the bottom there´s the buttons for all the Main Views like "Trip Log", "Map", "File Browser", "Settings", and more.

Widget Details

Detailed View for Widgets

Some widgets like the weather widget will show you a detailed view when you click on it.

These widgets are used in other sections of the app, and everytime they show up, you can get this additional detailed information.

Weather is a good example, where the simple and minimal widget information can be enough in some occasions and in other occasions you want more details.

Theme it

Highly Customizable

Drive mode allows you to customize the theme to match it to your vechicle / brand.

Change the logo, wallpaper, colors, all the different spacings and many other elements.

The theme elements are used in all views throughout the app.

Give it the right looks, make it yours!

Phone or Tablet / Portrait or Landscape

Supports any screen size and will adapt to it, you can also use any view in Portrait or Landscape mode

Auto Shutdown

Trigger Shutdown when not Charging

If you use your device integrated in your vehicle, chances are you want the device to automatically turn-off when you turn-off your ignition.

To achive this you will need a ROOTED device, with the charging system connected to the vehicle ignition.

After you clear that, just enable the Auto Shutdown from the Drive Mode Dashboard settings screen, this will get you a shutdown message with countdown like in the image.

Always Resume State!

Even after restarting your device the app will remember it´s state.
All Trip Information will be kept and even if you were recording a GPX file it will be resumed!

Bubble Overlay!

The Bubble Overlay Icon (you can configure it in the settings) will add a fast access bubble icon over all apps so that you can return to Drive Mode with a single tap on it.

Localization Options!

The app is always being translated into new languages and you can configure localization settings like Km/h, Mph and Metric or Imperial weather units.