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    I think I found a problem in the DMD tablet T865 software.

    When I am on the motorway and I ask to be navigated to a town off the motorway and I apply the “avoid motorway” and “avoid toll” options, two things can happen: the software gives me an error because there is no road at point 1 (starting point ) or, if there is a road off the motorway, but at a distance of about 200mt, DMD takes that road as a reference and it ignores that I am on the highway and has to look for the first available exit.

    I have Gurumaps and Osmand installed on the tablet, but they don’t have this problem. Both SWs show me the first exit and the continuation of the journey off the motorway. I would like to point out again that the route search software is very very slow. Other software on the same tablet is 10 times faster to search the same route with the same options.

    João Pereira

    Well its not really a bug, you are on a motorway but are telling the router to “avoid motorways” so… i guess… dont enable the “avoid motorways” ?

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    I’m on the motorway because I want to get out of Barcelona quickly, I’m at a petrol station to refuel my motorbike. I am very early to arrive in Valencia, I decide to take normal roads and not national ones. I ask the navigator to show me a road to get to Valencia without motorways and without tolls. Osmand, gurumaps, Sygic, Google Maps, Apple Maps correctly tell me to take the motorway until the first exit and then take the normal roads. According to DMD I should worry about finding an exit and after I exit ask for the route without a highway. Does this seem normal to you? It doesn’t seem normal to me at all. All the other SW  indicate the road correctly (preference avoid  highway and tolls) in same situation


    Good day. I have nearly the same problems. I type in “Online Address Search”: e.g. Riva del Garda, then press “Navigate”, then “Using DMD2”, Routeplaner: Street fast (use autoroutes, toll, no off- road), then “Start”. Now the system shows “Route calculation….”After 12 minutes of calculting I cancel the “Route calculation”.

    I’m living in Hamburg. So I satrted googl maps and within 30 seconds, I got a result. What did I wrong?

    Is it possible with the DMD2 navigation software to navigate from A to B (forecast) without starting in A?



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