João Pereira

Helo Everybody, I have a question on GPX file, There is the possibilities to use the Icon of the direction (Turn Left Turn Right) in GPX in order to differntiate the different Waypoint? Actually Waypoint are all show as a green baloon. For long trip will be usefull use the direction Icon to identificate the different change of direction. Will be usefull to have a list of alle the usable icon. Thanks Christian

Yes. When planning off-road route I often use a waypoint icon with turn direction arrow and place then at intersections with roads and trails. It is quite useful to be able to see the waypoint on the screen and know to begin looking for a turn in advance. We often ride quite fast and blow by turns if not paying attention. I will often place the waypoint with arrow icon about 1/4-1/2 mile before a turn. This gives me time to slow down start looking. Also, this allows the group to plan stops at significant changes in direction. I don’t expect dmd to place these waypoints automatically but it would be very good to have arrow icons in the waypoint library for this purpose. If interested, see the waypoint icons available in GaiaGPS. This would be a very useful addition and very simple add.

Its a good idea. I will add more icons in the My Places thing.

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