João Pereira

DMD2 3.00080 released:
– GPX Manager – now supports GPX files with ROUTES.
– GPX Manager – Removed Advanced button and replaced it with “invert direction” switch
– GPX Manager – Preserves last selection position going forward and back in the menus
– GPX Manager – Removed all options to convert Track to calculated route -> Finally!!! Bye bye!
– Map Themes – Made some small islands name show only on lower zoom levels and made some places like “neighbourhood” and “hamlet” show at higher zoom levels
– Moved from Location Manager provider to Fused Location Provider – Falls back to Location Manager when Fused not available
– Fixed a case where voice would trigger for “Wrong direction” and “Away from track” even when it was disabled
– Map View – When you hide the right side widgets, if you have active track instructions they will take its space
– Navigation and GPX Progress – fixed a case where they could freeze
– Added extra controller key debounce check to check and prevent stuck keys
– Many other small fixed and improvements, this was a big update, will keep it under the radar to do immediate patches in cases anyone finds any issue!


Sorry for my recent absence, two weeks being hammered by COVID.

DMD2 Project Manager & Lead Developer
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