Hello Jack

You can install DMD2 on almost any Android tablet (with or without Google Playstore). You only need to buy a license for the maps and you can also buy a license for the OBD2 interface and/or the roadbook module.
I use DMD2 with the maps and the OBD2 interface, together with a handlebar controller from Silverfox (H1) and my own 3D-printed holder on a ’23 R1250GS. I don’t know how well DMD2 works with Wunderlinq, but I think it only works with restrictions, if at all. Since you install the maps for DMD2 locally on the device, you have a complete offline solution and do not need internet access for navigation. Since you can also install any Android navigation solution, you are very flexible here. In addition to offline maps from Google Maps, I have also installed Caliomoto with offline maps. However, you can also use any other navigation solution with an offline option. For me, an additional GPS solution no longer made sense, so I now only use the T865 tablet with DMD2.

I’m here in the Zurich, Switzerland area, but I’ve been to California a few times with four-wheel drive cars. There are lots of cool off-road routes there 😉 Best, Gregor