jack klauschie

Thanks for the information. The dash on my ’14 GS is unreadable most of the time. Whoever decided black lettering on a dark gray background was a good idea never rode a MC during the day. To address this issue, I recently bought a Wunderlinq for my GS and it will mount where the Nav 5 currently is. The Wunderlinq communicates to a display via WiFi. I will be using an Android tablet as a display. The tablet with the Wunderlinq will allow me to view all operating data on the tablet and I can scroll through the data via the Wonder Wheel. Once I do this, I need a navigation option. I prefer a GPS because I ride in areas with no cell coverage frequently. The DMD2 interface seems like a good way to incorporate key operating data and navigation on the tablet. Can you get just the App? If yes, will it do this?  What map and routing program are you using? I’m in California and ride there mostly, but also west of the Continental Divide if you have a suggestion. Best, Jack