João Pereira

Hi, the S/N is xxx60217. Now there is a new System Upgrade notification and when I click on it, it´ll show that it will download something but there is no progress and after 30-60 minutes it will dissappear and the same notification will pop up again. THX

Try again please.


I´m missing the apps. The latest installed firmware update was yesterday and today it hung for several hours in a loop “downloading firmware image”. There is no new notification about any firmware update, but the apps are still missing. Also the “Auto-OFF” app is still the red square icon and not the new round blue. The Tab was bought last year directly from Thork Racing.

Here the same, Serial No 20030, Bought last week from That’s Rally

In your case you just have A LOT of pending updates, you just need to do them all, one by one, until they are all done.

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