Derek P Thomas

I heard back from Athena.  They said that the RX1 Pro does not have ODB, so therefore it cannot provide data to OBD scanners or bluetooth adapters.  So DMD2 is not a possibility with this ECU.  I asked whether the SX1 Pro could be used with DMD2 since it does have ODB, but it does not use the required ISO14229 protocol, so it cannot be used with DMD2 either.  The SX1 Pro can provide data to software called Maya or SL1, but this will not help us.  So I give up on displaying ECU data in DMD2.  I am definitely not going back to the stock ECU just so I can show a little data on DMD2, as handy as that would be.

Too bad the TrailTech Voyager Pro is so darned expensive!  It does seem like a good solution for NAV and a little bit of data, and it has buddy tracking, but you and your buddy need to cough up the money.

I think what I will do is stick with DMD2 as I think I like it over all other navigation solutions.  As for communications and rudimentary buddy tracking, I think I will order a couple of BTech GMRS Pro radios with Bluetooth.  They are pretty cheap, they connect to phones/tablets over Bluetooth, can transmit simple text messages over radio, allow communication over potentially many miles, they can send/receive GPS coordinates, they can connect to Sena devices over Bluetooth, can connect to Bluetooth earbuds, and they sell a wireless push-to-talk button that can be attached to the handlebar.  Might be a pretty decent setup and far longer range than Sena devices and the like, though I have not tried it yet.