PCFly, I have the exact same issue. I have a Husqvarna FE 501 S, purchased the OBD2 cable from Thork Racing (US version), use the OBDLink MX+. I also get a blue indication and also get a voltage reading of 14.2v. Were you able to find a resolution? Oh, I should add that I run an Athena GET ECU…do you also run that aftermarket ECU?


Hello, so nope, I have sort of shelved the project since it seemed there was no way of getting the “data” out of my ECU (yes, it’s an Athena GET).  I don’t want to go back to a stock ECU since the bike just doesn’t run great with it and in order to get everything, to the best of my knowledge to work correctly, would mean I would need to send my stock ECU to be reprogrammed with the settings I already have in the Athena, to get the dash (DMD) to work correctly.


Pcfly, I now see from the photo you posted, it appears as though you might also have an Athena GET ECU RX1 Pro like I do. Just FYI, I disconnected the WIFI Module to see whether that would somehow allow data to flow to the DMD2 app but it did not work. I do wonder whether custom PID’s could be added to DMD2 to reach into the GET ECU and pull the required data. I don’t know at all yet, but suspect the data is available, just contained in different PID’s. I sent an email to Athena to see if they would be able to send me a full list of PID’s. Fingers crossed.


I will try to disconnect the wifi module and report back. I hope you get some help from GET, seems like it would a common problem since most USA bikes don’t run great with the stock ECU.


Thanks for getting back to me about this, I thought I wasted my time and money on the hopes to get the DMD to work on my 2020 500EXC.

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