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Helo Everybody, I have a question on GPX file, There is the possibilities to use the Icon of the direction (Turn Left Turn Right) in GPX in order to differntiate the different Waypoint? Actually Waypoint are all show as a green baloon. For long trip will be usefull use the direction Icon to identificate the different change of direction. Will be usefull to have a list of alle the usable icon. Thanks Christian

Hello, GPX Waypoints are not directions, they are waypoints of significance like warnings, alerts, goals, interesting things along the track.
We follow the sym icons schema.

Some that we support:

switch (draw){
case “Restaurant”:
return R.drawable.gpx_pin_restaurant;

case “Coffee”:
return R.drawable.gpx_pin_coffee;

case “Gas Station”:
return R.drawable.gpx_pin_gas_station;

case “Summit”:
return R.drawable.gpx_pin_summit;

case “Lodging”:
case “Lodge”:
return R.drawable.gpx_pin_lodging;

case “Building”:
case “Civil”:
case “Museum”:
return R.drawable.gpx_pin_museum;

case “Campground”:
return R.drawable.gpx_pin_camping;

case “Scenic Area”:
return R.drawable.gpx_pin_scenic;

case “ATV”:
return R.drawable.gpx_pin_atv;

case “Car Repair”:
return R.drawable.gpx_pin_repair;

case “Church”:
return R.drawable.gpx_pin_church;

case “Circle with X”:
case “Restricted Area”:
return R.drawable.gpx_pin_restricted;

case “Contact, Smiley”:
case “Information”:
return R.drawable.gpx_pin_information;

case “Fishing Hot Spot Facility”:
case “Fishing Area”:
return R.drawable.gpx_pin_fishing;

case “Convenience Store”:
case “Shopping Center”:
return R.drawable.gpx_pin_shopping;

case “Flag, Red”:
return R.drawable.gpx_pin_redflag;

case “Flag, Green”:
return R.drawable.gpx_pin_greenflag;

case “Water Source”:
case “Drinking Water”:
return R.drawable.gpx_pin_waterdrink;

case “Flag, Blue”:
return R.drawable.gpx_pin_blueflag;

case “Flag, Start_End”:
return R.drawable.gpx_track_start_end;

case “Park”:
return R.drawable.gpx_pin_park;

case “Residence”:
return R.drawable.gpx_pin_residential;

case “Military”:
return R.drawable.gpx_pin_military;

case “Crossing”:
return R.drawable.gpx_pin_crossing;

case “Cave”:
case “Mine”:
return R.drawable.gpx_pin_cave;

case “Danger Area”:
case “Skull and Crossbones”:
case “Circle, Red”:
case “Warning”:
case “Danger”:
return R.drawable.gpx_pin_circle_red;

case “Ferry”:
return R.drawable.gpx_pin_ferry;

case “Cemetery”:
return R.drawable.gpx_pin_cemetary;

case “Anchor”:
return R.drawable.gpx_pin_anchor;

case “Amusement Park”:
return R.drawable.gpx_pin_amusement_park;

case “Picnic Area”:
return R.drawable.gpx_pin_picnic_area;

case “Bank”:
case “ATM”:
return R.drawable.gpx_pin_bank;

case “Hospital”:
case “Medical Facility”:
return R.drawable.gpx_pin_hospital;

case “Pharmacy”:
return R.drawable.gpx_pin_pharmacy;

case “Telephone”:
return R.drawable.gpx_pin_phone;

case “Airport”:
return R.drawable.gpx_pin_airport;

case “Restrooms”:
return R.drawable.gpx_pin_restrooms;

case “Swimming Area”:
return R.drawable.gpx_pin_swim;

case “Parking”:
return R.drawable.gpx_pin_parking;

case “RV Park”:
return R.drawable.gpx_pin_rv_camping;

case “Dam”:
return R.drawable.gpx_pin_dam;

case “Police Station”:
case “Police”:
return R.drawable.gpx_pin_police;

case “Toll Booth”:
return R.drawable.gpx_pin_barrier;


Very in-line with Garmin implementation.


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