Updated to version 3.00061.
It is unclear whether this is the version with improved controls, as no release notes have been published.

the barbuttons controller
All buttons (Up, Left, Right, Down, F5, F6, F7) work in DMD Home and his DMD map. (also worked in v59)

F6 (HID) and F7 (HID) do not work in roadbooks.
Up, Left, Right, Down and F5 (HID) is work.

It may be hard to notice because it is the operation of Button A and Button B on the ROADBOOK.

I checked 3 Android devices that I own.
Tripktek, Lenovo Tab, OPPO Reno7

This is the same as version 3.00059.
No improvements have been made yet.

Waiting for the bug to be fixed.


I noticed that button A (F6) and button B (F7) move when pressed for more than 1 second.
If you assign it to Increose Total etc., press and hold the button to advance by +0.01.

If you turn on “Enable key repeat for buttons” in the roadbook settings, F6 and F7 will not be accepted.
F5 is accepted.

When “Enable key repeat for buttons” is turned off
Press and hold the F6 and F7 buttons to advance by +0.01.
However, it is not practical because it requires a long press and key repeat cannot be used.

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  • This reply was modified 3 months ago by harupipapa.