I’m  using a Tab Active5 and have yet to solve the importing a GPX file containing a Route calculated on another device or stand-alone program. The “routes” I have imported so far have usually only displayed a beginning and an end point with a straight line connecting them. The files all contain Garmin style “rte” points which define the actual course of the Route. When I import a GPX containing both a Route and a Track the Track will actually follow the course. But, when I attempt to convert the Track to a Route in DMD2 it will fail on long Tracks and will take a very very long time to convert other not-so-long tracks. When it fails I usually get a message that DMD2 has run out of memory.

I have tried importing Routes from both Kurviger and Furkot (furkot.com) with the latter routes exported using both the standard GPX format and the Garmin 1.1 GPX format.