Hardware Controller

Control Drive Mode Dashboard from the handlerbar!

Hardware Controller

Dont ever stop to change something in your tablet/phone

Control more then 20 navigation apps with this handlebar buttons. No cables, a battery that lasts for weeks, resistant, durable, easy detach system!

THE ONLY CONTROLLER IN THE WORLD that automatically adapts to more then 20 navigation apps.

With a useful HUD overlay for quick settings and for incoming calls.

This is the most advanced controller in the market!

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Up to 14 functions in one controller

  • Programmable Bluetooth LE remote controller for Android.
  • Waterproof.
  • Weeks of operation on a single charge.
  • Supports devices running Android 5 to 9. Android device must be Bluetooth Low Energy compliant.
  • Quick-release mounting bracket for 22mm handlebars included.


Map Style Apps:

Joystick Up - Map Pan Up
Joystick Left - Map Pan Left
Joystick Right- Map Pan Right
Joystick Bottom - Map Pan Bottom
Joystick Center Click - Center-Follow Location and sometimes Map Rotate
Joystick Center Long Click - Map Rotate or App Specific Function
Round Button A - Zoom In
Round Button B - Zoom Out
Round Button A Long- HUD
Round Button B Long- Back

Non Map Apps:

Joystick Up/Down/Left/Right - will behave as directional arrows
Joystick Center Click - Enter
Round Button A - Home
Round Button B - Back
Round Button A Long- HUD



You need to install this app on your device to manage your controller



Software to update the Controller Firmware. Windows 10 x64 only



The Controller is available for sale at THORK RACING online store