NEW - CONTROLLER   Latest Drive Mode Dashboard introduces handlebar controller. Check it out.

Perfect for motorcycle road & off-road rides!

Create Trip Logs with notes, photo locations, track and statistics. Customize the app to match your vehicle looks, check the weather, follow and record GPX tracks and much more.

A Dashboard. A Map. A Trip Log. A Roadbook

All your needs in one app

NEW Handlebar Controller

Control Drive Mode while you ride!

Drive Mode Dashboard can be controlled from the handlebard with the new CARPE Controller.

All menus can are now a click away. Browser all UI elements, zoom in, zoom out, pan the map, go to previous or next track waypoint, open files, and much much more...

 Read about the controller here
Drive Mode Themes

Theme it

Highly Customizable

Drive mode allows you to customize the theme to match it to your vechicle / brand.

Change the logo, wallpaper, colors, all the different spacings and many other elements.

Give it the right looks, make it yours!

Our Partners

The entities that make this project possible


PCs & Software

OBSIDIAN-PC software department develops Drive Mode Dashboard. OBSIDIAN-PC is also well known for it´s powerful PCs.


AJP Motorcycles Manufacturer

Motorcycle Manufacturer

AJP not only supports our project but also install it by default in the AJP PR7 model which is equiped with an Android tablet from factory.

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Navigation / Gear / Parts

Thork Racing is our online store for motorcycle parts. Klim authorized dealer, navigation products and motorcycle parts.